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It looks cool, fun, even fascinating but WHAT IS IT? A game? Business?

Have we nailed your thoughts?  Now look closely and you will see the inside the multi-facets of the World. Like a kaleidoscope the deeper you look the more incredible it is.


Dig deeper. Get those fingers clicking. Fun? Yes! Business? Yes! Ready to explore? Yes!



You've already been introduced to the Arena Fields. These are the business fields in which you work and PLAY.




From here is the Master SubWorld. This allows you to refine your search. One more click and it brings you to the Industry Posting Boards. These Posting Boards include over 17 Services for you to explore. Currently the most popular are The Clock (events), Pros, Players, Articles and Corner Shop.


One more click to The Clock (Events) and you will only see the events in YOUR Arena Field. If you've selected Government you will receive community events. If you've selected Beverage event you will receive beverage for example... wine events.  Unlike a browser search which might give you wineries, wine bottling, event websites, etc., two more clicks on special events > Wine events and you will ONLY see Wine events. 


So what if you want to see Wineries or Wine Bottling companies. Select Pros, short for Professionals, for Vineyards select Earth - Plant, Animal. 

You might feel that it should be in Beverage too. You're correct! You have 5 categories when adding a post to select so select Pros > Beverage too. This way when someone is searching for you they will find you in either place.



Click the title and you will be shown Detailed information if supplied for this Business. Pictures, Video, Location, Map and More.



You may have noticed in one of the sample posts that is shows who posted it.  This is another Great Feature of Asset Corer Exchange. Players will learn about you, your posts, your events, articles, books, jobs and anything else that you feel to share.  EVERYTHING that you would like to promote all in one place! As long as it is legal.



You must be wondering WHERE DO I POST!  The Dealer Area.  Let's begin by signing up through 'Join and Post' and adding your Player Profile in Manage Account.  This is information that will appear on your Scorecard so edit both the Public Profile and Account Settings. Please add a picture of yourself.


Now the Dealer Area. This is where you post, review, edit and even view your traffic reports.



Select Pros on the left to add your business or group.



Another special feature of your precise post... keep track of your Pros Winner post views and click through in the post's report.


Take your Pros post to the next level with offering a Deals. Increase your traffic at no extra cost. Post to the other Posting Boards too.



This has been a sampling of the millions of possibilities with Asset Corner Exchange.  There are a few features that are Not so obvious.  One of them is Shopping by Style.  There are also things like Interlectual Property in Fast Track Assets and Job by Experience in Wagers and Opps.  



Scoreboard is a sampling of the Posting Boards but it also has shortcuts to some of the more interesting or navigation pages.



The last feature was created for Entrepreneurs. They are links to so website that should help you in setting up your business.