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Known Issues



Two steps forward, one step back.  We keep moving forward but we're experiencing set-backs too. 


Just to let you know, we are aware of some current issues.


Service Unavailable - 503 Service Unavailable.  This occurs when we do a system update.  Please wait 1 minute and the site will return.

Delays - Delay in the summaries loading. Mostly on the Profile page but sometimes when changing the Compass selections too rapidly. 

Banner Locations - The Counties are working but Not the local area.... yet.

Calendar - On the Clock detail pages the calendar is Not yet integrated. 

Categories - Working on simplifying them and adding more where needed. Please contact us with your suggestions. 

Contacts - In progress.

Design - Redesign for the Dealer Area.

Selecting Categories - In the Dealer Area, occationally when you add multiple posts, the new post will pick up the categoriess from the previous post.  You can use the categories again or click on the x at the end to remove them selectively. 
Category Filter - On the left side of the Exchange page.  They are Not all working properly yet.  It is a complex system, please give us time.  Thank you for understanding.

Clear All Categories - In the Dealer Area, when clicking 'clear all' while adding a category in the Dealer Options and Manage Account, it doesn't always clear them all. Please use the X to remove the categories until we get this fixed. 

Reset - In the Compasses the Reset doesn't always work after several times.  Please refresh the page if this happens.

Link Landing Pages - Some of the links to post in the Dealer Area are Not yet working.

Missing Images - Some of the images are Not appearing when adding the categories in the Dealer Area.

Missing Locations - Some state and city data is missing in some of the countries. If this happens please use a zip code.

Reports - The reports in the Posts for View and click thru are Not updating.

Single Sign On - When signing in from any of the pages that are still in assetcorner, it doesn't sign into Qwest It too.  Normally this is Not an issue but going from Qwest It to the Dealer Area might require a second sign-in.

Social Forms - The 'Share' isn't integrated yet and 'Email'-a-Friend still has issues.

Summary Counts - In Exchange the number of posts in the array is sometimes off but the totals at the bottom of the page are correct.