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Why Qwest?




Well, what does every business in the world have in common? Clue... we are able to calculate it, report on it and analyze it.


Give up? Infrastructure. Yes, every company in the world has the exact same infrastructure. We know this by being able to account for the income and expenditures. The basic system that the great Luca Pacioli had laid out for us.  It allows us to determine how many chickens we should trade for one cow.


So if all businesses are the same, what makes us different? That's easy too, when truly looking at the big picture. The BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE picture. It is simply the product, the marketing and the people. 


ASSET CORNER EXCHANGE offers the most All-in-One targeted marketing in the WORLD.  Post by Industry, Style and Type. National and Local.  If the place is right and has just about everything, you only need one.  It's the concept of Industry and Infrastructure that sets us apart from some otherwise really incredible websites.


For many of the professionals in Pittsburgh, PA you may already know us. In 1998 the same creator started the Party Geek. It was the very first weekly Special Event email in the world. We had over 3,500 young professionals in Pittsburgh that used to enjoy our weekly email. 

Reviews from the days of The PartyGeek:

“You have truly established yourselves as a force in the community and we are thankful you chose to party with us!” Sean McBryde, VP for Sales, Marketing, Pittsburgh Symphony

"You have your finger on the pulse of Pittsburgh", “YOU'RE doing a great job!”, “truly appreciated” Tey Stiteler, Communications Manager, Carnegie Museum of Art

Welcome Home Geeks. 



There is Nowhere else that you can go to select an Industry and find most services or goods options within it. We are just getting started, of course, but once we are fully up and running there will be no better website out there.


When looking to add a business product, services or yourself to a website here is what you must look for...


There are so many great websites out there now but unless you pay a fortune or someone types in the exact descriptive keywords you just will Not be found. You can spend all of your time trying to socialize in social media to be noticed but, in reality, there are only a limited amount of people that have the fortitude and suaveness to be able to schmooze their way in this world.


ASSET CORNER EXCHANGE is the one place, the only place that you will always reach the top in listing AND the most cost effective for just about everything imaginable.  Plus we are having fun doing it.


Embrace the ACE journey. When you make a great deal, you pick up a new distributor, your first sale or you meet someone special this is the joy of business.  Live in the moment.

Don't bother looking somewhere else, this is it. It's never been done before. We know this because while we were creating it there was no place that we could go to look at how other people do Industrial categories.  We even looked at the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) but as of last year they are outdated and incomplete.  Even Wikipedia doesn't have a full list and certainly not broken down by infrastructure and style. Yes, even style. lol  No one else has this indexing.  Yes, it is complex and yes it took time.


1: AFFORDABILITY: There used to be one website that millions of people used to post for free but it is no longer free in some city areas and some categories, like employment.  Some websites charge up to 20% of your sale, are invasive, charge an extra fee for every sale and/or have membership fees.

Our 'Starter' posts will always be free.  This will help any entrepreneur or someone looking to make a little extra cash to have equal footing as those with deep pockets.


We do charge for Banners.  Eventually we will charge for the 'Rev-It' and 'Winner' level posts but currently they are FREE and they will be affordable. ASSET CORNER EXCHANGE is for anyone looking to hang onto their hard earned cash.


2: VISIBILITY: Expiration: What is the point of spending a fortune to be on a popular website and never being seen? Yes, there are some major websites and browsers that many hopeful entrepreneurs spend their hard earned money and never have a single sale.  Why isn't anyone seeing your unique product? It is the keywords, if you have a product that people do not know, how would they know where to find you or what if there are millions of others with the same basic wording? You will never reach the top.


How do you reach the top? Expiring posts. With expiring posts your post will always reach the top of your industry. All posts, except Players expire. JM Vitaluna had a product on one popular website that never sold. She thought that if she spent the money she would sell, right? Wrong. she had this same product on a semi-popular site with expiring posts and sold regularly. She was on top!


As a Dealer you will also have a Scorecard. This is also Unique to ACE, you can Not only show your profile but you can also sell your products, list your events, share your articles and even, yeehaw, date.

3: TARGET: The goal is to find who is looking for you too. Yes other sites have age, marital status or what we are chatting about. Your odds are probably as good to make money as they would be at a casino.  Are you like us? Do you hate it as much as we do that websites are targeting me based on our search or chat history? We mean, what if we are searching dogs and then shoes? The next hit will be shoes for dogs. Seriously? Plus what we are searching for today is Not what we will be searching for tomorrow. AND just because some of us are older does Not mean that we want to see ads for adult diapers unless we are asking for them.  Talk about unwanted reminders of age.


Targeting is the goal so what about the industry in which people actually searching?  If you are looking for furniture, you would go to a furniture store. If you are looking for a hair stylist you would go to beauty.

4: USER FRIENDLY: Our current design is user friendly. The part that takes a little time to learn is the categories. There are so many options in order to bring your product to the exact person looking for you that it does take a little extra time. The good news is that it is a lot less time than many of the major websites out there. You won't need to worry about many of the options, analytics or trying to find the perfect keywords because you will already be increasing your chances simply by being exactly where you should be. In your Industry.


Plus the information is RELEVANT with expiring posts the information is current. 



Faster, Easier way to pin point exactly what you are seeking. Add your Player Profile to ACE today!


1: AFFORDABILITY: The less marketers have to pay for exposure the cheaper we can buy products and services. This helps with competitive edge against other countries to and helps us buy 'Made in the USA'.  All of those cool little items done by entrepreneurs, starving artists or someone looking to make an extra buck to help pay for their children's holidays.  When they save, you save.

2: VISIBILITY: When every dealer has a chance to reach the top you will see some things that are unimaginable. Goods and Services that did Not have a chance to reach the top on other websites because, well they just could not pay for it.  With ACE you have the opportunity to see exactly what you are seeking. Pick an Industry. Pick a product and you are there.  Wanna go deeper? Go ahead. The Dealer does all of the work for you by taking the time to put their product exactly where you want to see it.


As a Player your Scorecard will be visible if you wish. Other Players will be able to view you based on your industry.


We have a category call DICE this is basically WISHES. Looking for your birth mother? Want to try to start a class action? Need a donor?  Hopefully ACE will make the impossible, possible.  How will you receive your wish if you don't ask?


3: TARGET: Scrolling is strolling but clicker is quicker. You want to pin-point your search in the fastest amount of time. Get the arrows out (or in this case your mouse) because that's all it takes.  Click, click, click. 3 clicks of the ruby slippers and you are to the heart of the website. You might have found what you are seeking. No? A few more clicks to drill down and it should take you right there. This is once the website is populated of course, after funding. No more digging through junk to discover your desires.

4: USER FRIENDLY:  We are working on a Positive messaging and Playful website.  All of our categories use language that is geared towards happiness, except 1. There is one that we could not get around. It's Not for a lack of trying. No direct clues but the artwork is emotional.


So imagine all of the time that you will save from Keyword searches. If you are searching for an event for manufacturing, you will only see events for manufacturing. You won't get an event for pet grooming OR an expired event.  You won't get an event website with still no manufacturing.  Only manufacturing events.  Have you ever found the perfect business for your needs only to discover that they went out of business last year?


Our vision is massive with endless possibilities. It includes bridging the gaps between, counties, races, sex and wealth. It is all inclusive and geared towards innovation and the entrepreneur. We hope that ASSET CORNER EXCHANGE will give people opportunities in which they would Not have otherwise.


In the long run, we will pay it forward to help entrepreneurs even more and whatever else God directs us towards.


Be part of this... oh what does CNBC call it... disrupter. One place that will take you exactly to whom and what you are seeking with an equal possibility to advance. Add your Player Profile to ACE today!