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Dig deep... Let's see what makes this website engine purrr.  Diamond driven.  Look for the Diamonds.  The Diamonds help show the way.

The diamonds put the Infrastructure and Style categories on top.  Infrastructure is mostly Product, Location, Sales, Office, Capital, Education, Legal and Associations/Teams.  Product is the one that we mostly break down for you to show the specifics of what you do. Styles are in Corner Shop and Fast Track Assets. The days of shopping by type are ending. If you know who you are this makes shopping easier.


The categories are hierarchy. So all posts will appear in the higher levels. Drilling down just allows Players to precisely find their goals.


What makes ACE unique is the amount of information provided all in one website.  You may have seen in 'Why ACE' the one thing that all businesses have in common is infrastructure. 


Here is a sampling of some unique categories that you might not find unless you are drilling down.  You should see what we see. Hold onto your seat, you're about to go on a wild ride!

Articles are pretty self-explanatory.  The unusual category page here will be found in 'Oddities, Corners'.  It s little bit of science and super-natural that doesn't really fit in other Arena Fields yet.  It's Mostly space and medical. Of course you can write in Earth or Medical too. These are for theory discussions. Bring the Slimer Proton Packs.


Currently Associations, Teams are subcategories in Pros.


This isn't just 'Groups'. Yes, it is groups but it is more about connections and mostly within your Arena Field.  Yes, you can join any group in your area but if you really want to connect with people that are just like you, this is the place. You've chosen your Arena Field because you have found it interesting and you've wanted to explore. This is the place to create or joined other people that are like minded. People like you. with common interests.  Local or international. These associations are yours.


This is basically Groups. Groups are in development to be used with your contacts. 



If you think about how shopping began it was the hitching post or the corner shop.

There was not really anything such as choice or selection. If the had one type of one thing you felt lucky.

So when shopping began it was designation as chair or pants but things are much different in the 21st century. We have 'style'. So in the Corner Shop of ACE we break everything down by style.

Corner shop is also for lower cost such as apartment rentals or wholesale.


BAMS = Books, Apps, Media and Software.


Furniture Styles. Which one are you?



Okay, NOW the types...



After you have selected your style and type, now you get to choose how you want it. New, used, wholesale, holiday, etc...



If you think these are cool you should check out Education.  Talk about learning by the way that you learn.



Deals are specials that Pros posts are offering. If you see a great Deal make sure that you check out the Pros Scorecard because they probably have other great products too.


This category doesn't seem like much now but hopefully in the near future we plan on offering points and rewards. So keep an eye out because this should be a massive part of ACE.



Dealing In Corner Exchange (DICE).  This is one of our favorite Posting Boards because here dreams may become possible. This is where you make your wish or search others.  We are open to category suggestions here. We wish to make your happy. We have missing persons in government and class actions in legal. What else would you like to see? 



You're gonna enjoy this.  This is the expensive stuff or parts for the expensive stuff. This is the second place where you can shop by style but it is in a smaller section. Look for the Diamond.  This is one section where you would need to go to dozens of websites before to find that special elusive item.



Normally when we think of giving we think money but often we would like to give of our precious time. The problem is we are put to work cleaning or passing out items. We would really enjoy donate our gift of talent instead. 


Perhaps we cannot give of time but we can donate something for a charity auction. This is a win, win because it is good marketing for you and it helps the organization raise their much needed funds. 


Perhaps your an organization that needs sponsors.  We have created a whole Posting Board for you.



Compass.  Post your ideas to attract advice, mentors and perhaps even a team. If you have an idea that you are ready to show off, add it here.  If it is unique you should consider creating a team in Team Builder as you go through the process. A survey in Surveys should help you know if you are on track. Asset Corner Exchange was built with you in mind. The entrepreneur, the innovator. Make sure that you check out resource links in the Coaches Playbook on the main page in Articles.  We are here for you!



X marks the spot! Treasure map to the route for your innovators. You know they're out there. The next greatest multi-billion dollar idea.  You know what they are thinking, correct? How do I find funding that fits my project?  This question was the inspiration of Asset Corner Exchange when seeking to build affordable shared homes, just as the real estate bubble hit. It was a blessing in disguise because ACE never would have been born otherwise.  


So if you want the new discoveries, brilliant ideas, or next round to find you. Tell them what you have to offer. What Industry and what level.  Make it easy for them. Don't worry, your posts will expire so only your newer packages will appear. This is one of the great things about ACE, Target and Relevance.  They are waiting for you. Show us the way.



For you to experience the riches of your culture and take pride in your Industry... or explore the unique offerings from others.  To feel included in the joys of your assets. To create upon what you are building or sharing your accomplishments with others. Stronger together than we could ever be apart. Driving or exploring what makes you, us, we extraordinary.


While Asset Corner Exchange was built it was with entrepreneurs and B2B in mind, it is really for anyone. We've build this with a 'playing around' attitude.  It is our goal for you to have a positive experience with playful twists. Who said that work cannot be fun? Certainly Not us!  Positive messaging with a bit of a gaming design. Crazy accurate categories to the extreme but with a feel that extrudes happiness.  This is the path. Your desires might be achieved here. Now go out and play in ACE!



You know you want it. A way to find what you are seeking faster. A way to have others that are seeking you to find you. To reach the top. To know that you re here for them and them for you. A precise directory for your wildest imaginations... legal of course. We know what you were thinking. lol  Pros is a way to help find even the most obscure business or professional service. Check out your Industry look closely if you are not there yet, post!  It doesn't gett better than this way. More design maybe but Not the path. This is the way.



We all need help sometimes. This country, actually all countries, where build on trading. It is the back bone of our culture and what has helped make us great.  Can you image the days when horses were traded for food or building supplies?  When times are tough we still have each other.  You won't know what you are able to achieve until you share or ask.  


Luckily in today's world we are able to just trade for fun too. So get out those paying cards or those hand-me-downs.  One persons junk is another's treasure. Enjoy!


Yes, we know that our trading system is still very rough but it is in development. Give us some time and we hope to have a matching system but for now we have added some common trades. Please contact us if you would like any categories added.  This Posting Board is important to us so if we are missing some, please let us know. We are here for you.



Make friends by Arena Fields? Dating by Industry? Sure why Not? It actually makes sense. You already know that you have at least 1 thing in common.

Again, this Posting Board is in development. It will be better.




Ehh, don't think you need one? Think again. This is one of the single most valuable tools in your box that could help make or break you. How will you know if you have a hit or Not unless you ask? 

The great thing about ACE is we offer a place for people to give you advice too.  This Posting Board is fully Not developed yet but if you are starting as a new business, introducing a new product or just need some advice. This is the place to be for your future possibilities.



Have you ever tried to build a team before? We have multiple times. Some successful, some Not. The one thing that is best to know is whether or not the other person will willing to put skin in the game, to work for free, in order to help build an empire with you.  Here you can post your services or the product but what is special here is that ACE gives you all of the infrastructure options that you may need in order to help build your Team.  We have you in mind. We know, been there, done that, we understand.


Yes, this Posting Board is under development too. 



Cinderella at the ball, the zombie run or learning how to give a presentation? Which one speaks to you?  Any type of education, elegant ball or get sloppy drunk event might be discovered on ACE. 


Social events open to the public are in special events, duh. Special Activities are more for Business events such as Expos or Meetings. The rest are Infrastructure.




There are two schools of thought here. One is to have a steady job and save for retirement. The other is to make your own way in life to be your own boss. Which is correct? They both are. It doesn't matter how many gurus tell you to quit your 'J' 'O' 'B' to strike it out on your own because you know in your soul that steady income and health benefits will give you the life that you desire. On the other hand taking charge of your own destiny and going head wind into the adventure of a lifetime is all that your soul could fathom.  ACE gives you both. The opportunities and employment. Employment with depth and opportunities that you may never have known about if there was Not a place to see the posts.